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Ritsuko Daye Deura, the designing force behind Flowers by Daye, grew up in Japan and studied design theory at Musahino Art University in Tokyo. After apprenticing in London, she came to Manhattan where, for the past 10 years, she has used her refined sense of design for brides and grooms as well as for museums and big hotels. When creating flowers for a bride s bouquet, she asks the bride about her color and flower preferences (as well as the flowers and colors she dislikes) and the style of her dress.
"I suggest, but usually brides know what they want, so l try to meet their desires while creating something unique," Ms. Deura says. For tables, she can create the entire look, including candles, rose petals on the table, fruit, the fold of the napkins and the tablecloths. Shape and color reflect her Asian sensibility. "Personally, I like to mix flowers with other materials, such as entwining an obi kimono sash among the flowers."

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